wording for reception to pay for your own meal ?

Hello, how do we word for people to pay for there own meal ?
for instants we are having our wedding reception at an all you can eat place its $25 bucks a head
i want to word that they have to pay for there own meals with out sounding cheap or tacky or rude
please help us out

this is our choice so please only want answers that will help with wording no rude or offencive people please
$25 dollars a meal is CHEAP just the amount of guest we are inviting is over 100 people
witch is why we cant no pay for all
we got invited to a wedding reception that cost $55 dollars .you also have to keep in mind we are in Australia .

i only want help with wording i do NOT want u to tell me its cheap tacky or rude
not every one has the money to fork out for weddings and receptions . and nto every body has mummy and daddys help paying for weddings and receptions either so befor u go judging think of this just coz we dont have much money does not mean we do not deserve to get married how very rude of u people i only asked for wording not not once did u say please be rude and attack me think befor you type